MC Chaton MAXIMA Rivet - Application

Now available with our premium MC Chaton MAXIMA crystals, Rivets give the perfect edge to shoes, handbags and textiles.

Gluing Application Manual

This useful and intuitive guide explains the proper way to apply various types of stones using glue.

Sewing Application Manual

This simple and straightforward guide explains how best to apply flatback stones with holes and fancy stones in sew-on settings to various fabrics.

Hotfix Application Manual

This step-by-step guide explains how to hotfix single stones and Crystal Transfers to a variety of fabric types.

Setting Stones in Epoxy Clay - Application

The best way to work with PRECIOSA Crystal Components and epoxy clay explained step-by-step.

Setting, Soldering, Platting - Application

Find the best way to combine PRECIOSA Crystal Components and metal findings in your creative collections.

Pins - Application

MC Chaton Rose VIVA 12® PINS can be applied either by hand or using mechanical force, creating thus a lasting bond with the carrier material.

Crystal Net - Application

Soft, light and flexible Crystal Net. Combination of up to 10 different stone colors and sizes.