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SS 2019 Collection

With the launch of Atelier Bohemia, we take a homeward journey in the pursuit of paying homage to Bohemia’s natural beauty, resources and simplistic way of life. Characterized by softer, neutral tones subtlety garnished with delicate appliqués and unusual closers, Atelier Bohemia fuses nostalgia with functionality while exploring a collective urge to re-connect with our heritage and appreciate life’s simple, natural pleasures. Personified by several classically Bohemian artisanal occupations, our novelties are presented categorically by segment within the historical context of each craft. This collection is the apex of nearly five centuries of Bohemian glassmaking tradition and know-how, and our most personal yet.

New Shapes

Slim Navette MAXIMA

Slimmer than the classic Navette, this stone’s cat-eye shape is essential for ornate, leafy embellishments and is perfect for vibrant Spring/Summer motifs. From fashion jewelry to footwear, the MC Slim Navette MAXIMA adds a subtle touch of brilliance that elevates any warm weather-ready piece.

Pyramid MAXIMA

Both high impact and high fashion, our four-sided Pyramid-shaped flatback is chic, edgy and unique to the global market. Geometrically perfect, the MC Pyramid effortlessly enhances any textile, shoe or handbag design.

New Colors

Light Gold Quartz

An even more delicate version of its classic namesake, Light Gold Quartz radiates a pale neutral tone reminiscent of freshly uncorked Champagne. Crisp and pale, this trend color is the ultimate in effortless refinement and an upcoming season staple.

New Nanogems Colors


Ivory is silky and smooth, and flawlessly pure. Its opaque nature gives it a slightly richer hue than White, which pairs well will other soft colors and a variety of platings, making it an anticipated Spring/Summer star.

Lavender Jade Opal

One of the rarest of all jadeite colors, lavender is a highly sought-after gemstone variation by respected jewelers from all over the world. Our Lavender Jade is entirely unique in its opaqueness, and its soft, feminine hue makes it an easy choice for embellishing any springtime accessory.

New Microsize

MC Chaton Rose MAXIMA

If details are what you’re after, our MC Chaton Rose MAXIMA microsizes open up a world of possibilities. The stones’ twelve facet cut makes them the most brilliant of any competing product available on the market, and a cross-segment essential.

Heritage Products

Seed Beads

An embroiderer’s dream, our Seed Beads are the result of five centuries of heritage and regional know-how passed from generation to generation. As striking or as subtle as intended, Seed Beads give any garment or accessory an interesting twist, from the couture catwalk to DIY embellishment.

Lamp Beads

Named after a special, time-honored technique called lampworking, our Lamp Beads represent centuries of acquired skill and glassmaking tradition. A regional specialty, each and every Lamp Bead is crafted by hand and gives whatever it adorns a uniquely authentic Bohemian touch.

Limited Edition Cabochon

Tea Rose

Inspired by local Bohemian flora, the Tea Rose cabochon is stunning in its simplicity and provides the perfect touch of nostalgic embellishment. Used as a stand-alone statement jewelry piece or together as buttons for a billowy peasant top, this cabochon is flirty, feminine and a springtime staple.

New Product

MAXIMA Hotfix Transfers

Like ink and a stamp, our MAXIMA Hotfix Transfers achieve uniform-like perfection with each application. Up to the imagination of the designer, the design possibilities of this addition to our portfolio make it a productivity enhancing game-changer.