Jannie Baltzer

Jannie Baltzer, sweetheart of the Danish bridal fashion industry, designed two headpieces for our upcoming Atelier Bohemia collection. She is also currently launching a new range of accessories for nights out and parties, taking her career in an exciting new direction. “I love Preciosa for being so innovative and forward thinking. They are always at the cutting edge of fashion,” she says in an exclusive interview.

You designed two headpieces for our new collection, Atelier Bohemia. What was your inspiration for them? 

I am a big fan of folklore. It's so cool; there is so much texture, you can design something really unique. I had a great talk with Tereza Šikulová, your designer, who told me a lot about Czech folklore; she offered me some mood-boards and I did a lot of research too. And last but not least, I just love working with your products – they really inspire me!

Earlier this year you and your mom, Liz visited Crystal Valley and Preciosa… 

We had such a great time! It was incredible to see the crystal-making process. I already knew many items were handmade, but seeing how much work and effort goes into each little crystal or bead is amazing. Same with the cabochons; I was  blown away by the  skill and  craftsmanship involved. This trip really inspired my work on Atelier Bohemiain in terms of using lots of textures and different materials. I would call it Bohemian folklore with Jannie Baltzer DNA.

Can you describe it? 

I wanted to work with leather because it gives a coolness to the beautiful soft crystals. So I have lace, leather and crystals – a combination I love!

Can we see these influences in your latest collection? 

The opposite actually! Since folklore was the inspiration for the Preciosa headpieces I wanted to create something different. So early in 2018 I will launch a collection that will be more simple; gold plated with crystals.

Brides only? 

Oh now, that's the exciting part… I’ve started designing for more casual occasions as well. For the first time, I'm designing headpieces that can be worn for nights out or parties. Of course I will continue to design bridal headpieces but I want to expand my brand.

Are you going to do collections every season? 

I really enjoy designing, so the plan is to launch new pieces continuously. As such,  there will always be new headpieces to choose from.

Is there any particular Preciosa product you like? 

I really fell in love with the new Slim Navette MAXIMA from the latest collection. It is so beautiful and delicate! I loved working with it on the headpieces for Atelier Bohemia and I can´t wait to use it on my future designs. 

How did you become a designer? 

I was a ballroom dancer for more than 20 years; I lived in London, Hong Kong and Moscow, and returned to Copenhagen in 2002. Being involved with the dancing industry for so long gave me a real passion for accessories. So when I earned my degree in design at the Scandinavian Academy of International Fashion and Design, I knew I wanted to design accessories. I started out as a jewelry designer, but when I got engaged in 2009, I wanted to create something unique and special for my wedding. And that was the beginning of Jannie Baltzer.

Have you changed over time? 

Very much. It´s been a long journey; however, I’ve always done unique, delicate and beautiful handmade headpieces and veils – all made with love at our studio in Copenhagen. I spend a lot of time talking with my brides about their weddings - style, theme, dress, hairstyle and vision, so I can design the perfect headpiece for them. I love making sure they get the perfect piece on their wedding days.

Your designs have appeared in many famous magazines including Vogue and Elle. Do you also work with celebrities? 

I work with many Danish actresses, singers and Elle editors. Singer, Pixie Lott and Carly Rose Sonenclar from American X-Factor have worn my designs.

Is there anyone you would like to work with? 

HRH Crown Princess Mary´s sister wore one of our feathered headpieces adorned with Preciosa crystals, and I would love to see The Crown Princess wear one as well. Oh, and Taylor Swift would look amazing in my headpieces!

I know you are very close to your mom, Liz. Did she help you create the headpiece for your own wedding? 

We talked about various ideas, and I decided that I wanted a birdcage with lots of crystals. My mum is very creative and she is very involved in my company too. We are really great partners and even today we design together. Since the moment I decided to go to design school she has been an enormous support.

Do you think Czechs and Danes have anything in common?

I think Czechs are very open and friendly. I would like to say that Danes are the same, but there are many differences of course. For example, while walking in Prague I really enjoyed looking at Czech women who were dressed super nice. Danish girls are more casual.