Just northeast of Prague, nestled along the Polish border between the Jizera and Lusatian mountain ranges, are the rolling hills and clear blue skies of Bohemia’s best kept secret, and the place we are lucky enough to call “home”. It was here, in Crystal Valley, where centuries ago the first glass kilns began to illuminate the ateliers and workshops scattered across the region, eventually giving birth to an entire industry that has all but defined our cultural heritage. Through this collection, we rediscover our roots and pay homage to Bohemia’s natural beauty, resources and simplistic way of life. Personified by several classically Bohemian artisanal occupations, our novelties are presented categorically by segment within the historical context of each craft.

A clean break from the Autumn/Winter trend of hyper-adornment, Spring/Summer 2019 will see the return of minimalism. Characterized by softer, neutral tones subtlety garnished with delicate appliqués and unusual closers, this season fuses nostalgia with functionality. Homespun, provincial esque embellishment gives an otherwise stark aesthetic the perfect hint of romanticism, such as the new Spike Rivet, which creates a tailored, yet casual look.

Editorially, Atelier Bohemia explores a collective urge to re-connect with our heritage and appreciate life’s simple, natural pleasures. As our need to seek authenticity in today’s overly commercialized society continues to strengthen, we find ourselves on a homeward journey, back to our roots that define us. From our handcrafted Lamp Beads to this season’s limited edition Tea Rose cabochon, this collection is the apex of nearly five centuries of Bohemian glassmaking tradition and know-how, and our most personal yet.