Boost Your Brand with Preciosa

Rise above the competition by branding your products with the finest Bohemian Crystal and Fine Jewelry Stones. How? Become a partner in Preciosa’s new Ingredient Branding program.

Preciosa’s proud tradition of glassmaking can be traced back nearly five centuries to the Crystal Valley of Bohemia. Our brand was founded upon principles of quality, durability and innovation, and we have proudly upheld these values to the present day. The seals we provide to our Ingredient Branding partners are synonymous with our flawless reputation, and serve as a certificate of authenticity for all our products.

Since its inception, Preciosa has been a world leader in the glassmaking industry. We have achieved multiple technological breakthroughs, and we were one of the very first companies to introduce the world to the timeless beauty of Bohemian crystal. Today, Preciosa Components offers an assortment of more than 25,000 premium products, 100% of which are still made in the Czech Republic.

Being able to guarantee quality and authenticity is invaluable for any designer or company. When you become a partner in our program, you instantly associate your brand with one of the oldest and most prestigious glassmaking companies in the world.

Among many other partner benefits, you will receive a limited number of luxury seal stickers in either black or white with silver embossing, each featuring a real premium quality crystal, that can be applied directly to your products or packaging. We also offer acrylic stands in 2 sizes for shop windows, displays, showcases or events. If you run out, more are available for purchase.

How do you become a partner?

Get in touch with your local Preciosa contact and fill in the submission form. Our sales office will then contact you with further details on the program, and you will be asked to send samples for a quality analysis. If both sides are happy with the arrangement, we will send you the licensing agreement, and provide you with access to our full range of branding solutions to start marketing your products.

We carefully review every partner to ensure that our seal is only used by quality brands who exclusively use authentic Preciosa crystals and fine jewelry stones in their products.

Here’s a selection of brands and designers that are currently members of the Preciosa Ingredient Branding program:

Crystals by Preciosa

Fine Jewelry Stones by Preciosa

Ingredient Branding Inspiration