Atelier Bohemia Goes East

What happens when the soul of Bohemia meets the heart of Asia? We found out in March 2018, as the Atelier Bohemia collection was launched in China.

This collection takes heavy influence from the local nature and distinctive artisan professions for which Crystal Valley has been renowned for almost five centuries. It is intended to represent a deep and passionate connection to our heritage, so naturally we were hugely excited to introduce such a personal and history-infused collection to a country with a long and rich history of its own. We certainly weren’t disappointed.

Of particular interest to the Chinese audience were our lamp beads and seed beads, as well as the beautifully simple Pyramid Maxima shape. Lamp beads are hand-crafted, and considered a particular regional specialty of Crystal Valley. Seed beads are perfect for embroidery and can be as striking or as subtle as required. We were delighted to see two such traditionally Czech items so admired. Also popular were our new Ivory and Lavendar Jade nanogem colors, both of which are beautifully subtle, delicate and feminine. And then there was Zorya.

Zorya are an award-winning duo of Czech jewelry designers. For Atelier Bohemia they used state-of-the-art digital technology to masterfully recreate some traditional Bohemian embroidery floral motifs using our nanogems and zirconia. The result is stunning; one necklace in particular features more than 2,000 individual zircons. Guests at the event were hugely impressed by the design, craftsmanship and originality of this concept - many expressed fascination upon seeing such a fresh idea in the industry.

Not only did attendees at the events enjoy an in-depth education in the history of the glassmaking industry, but they were invited to participate in some wonderful, authentic hands-on workshops, where they learned how to apply crystals to fabrics and bracelets using various techniques both traditional and modern. Particularly popular were the sew-on and hotfix application methods.

There were four workshop events in total on four different dates. The cities chosen for the events were Shanghai, Guangzhou, Xiamen, and Qingdao in the Shandong region; all proved a huge draw for both existing customers and new potential partners alike.

Guo donghao 郭东豪, general manager of the Qingdao Jewelry Association, said of the event, “One time here leaves a deeper impression than three times in other places”. To say that the feeling was mutual would be an understatement.