The Original Birthplace of Bohemian Crystal

There is only one place on earth – the Crystal Valley – where over 460 years of glassmaking tradition, unique natural resources, and the love of glass come together. More than 300 years ago, the Crystal Valley gave birth to Bohemian Crystal. Soon after came the first cut and polished stone in the world, the first majestic chandelier, and the tiniest of treasures, the glass seed bead. It was also here that man first created magical, sparkling, ever-enduring crystal jewellery.

The Crystal Valley is also home to PRECIOSA
and our very own Czech Glass.

You’ll Find Our Work
Throughout the Region

The Crystal Valley is located at the heart of Europe, in the northern regions of the Czech Republic. The first glass kiln was fired up in 1548 in the midst of the natural splendour of the Jizera and Lusatian Mountains. Since then, the uninterrupted tradition of fine glass craftsmanship led to the creation of many companies, including PRECIOSA, who became one of the most important glass companies in the world.

The Art of Glassmaking is
Inextricably Linked to the Region

We are thankful for the unique natural environment and inheritance of the Crystal Valley. The Crystal Valley was the birthplace of many international companies and today it is the home of many Czech glass companies, schools and institutions, including the Glass Center for Research, which is part of PRECIOSA. PRECIOSA is proud to be part of this region, and through its own PRECIOSA Foundation we support non-profit initiatives both within the Liberec Region and throughout the Czech Republic.

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A People’s Treasure and Treasuring Our Peopleh

Day in and day out, each little piece of brilliant glass comes to life thanks to the talents of our glassmakers, the imagination of our designers, and the skills and experience of our people. Every day we listen to and take note of the wishes of our customers. We even travel to them, wherever they may be.

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