St. Elsewhere Receives Two Nominations for Czech Grand Design

The current Inspirations & Innovations collection from Preciosa Components, St. Elsewhere, has received multiple nominations for the prestigious Czech Grand Design awards 2018.

The nominations reflect both fashion and photography, with Zuzana Kubíčková nominated for Fashion Designer of the Year, and Bára Prášilová for Photographer of the Year.

‘Last year was very rich in terms of interesting new projects, and this year looks to be even more exciting, as we’ll see a number of newcomers competing against the biggest and most well established designers in the industry. We love how we’re now seeing tradition and craftsmanship combined with the most progressive and innovative thinking on sustainability, and the role that design can play within this context. These two qualities can and will help European producers differentiate themselves from the mass produced competition coming from Asia. Czech Grand Design 2018 encapsulates these themes perfectly, and our nominations this year were chosen with this in mind.‘ says Jana Zielinski from Czech Grand Design.

Preciosa Components and its partners made it to the final alongside a numer of other great Czech designers. Also up for awards are young talent Jan Černý for Designer of the Year, and last but not least, Michaela Čapková from Prague´s UMPRUM Academy may be on track to win the Best Discovery award.

The nominations are:

Fashion Designer of the Year
Zuzana Kubíčková / collection POP, collection Couture 2019, collection St. Elsewhere (Preciosa)
Jan Černý / collection SS19 EGOTRIP
Pavel Brejcha / collection Artisinal no. 1 – Folklor Nomad
Monika Drápalová / collection SS19 Artisan (in collaboration with: František Matoušek and Strážnický modrotisk)
Tereza Rosalie Kladošová / collection Merino Recycle
Adam Kost / collection SS19, kolekce Sensitivity reset
Overall Office / spiral t-shirt (Galerie A. M. 180)
PLOVE / swimwear and sandals collection 2018 (Pavlína Miklasová, Barbora Veselá)
Liběna Rochová / robes for Czech judges
Liběna Rochová a MUSA / collection Nadotek (Debra)
Hana Zárubová / collection AW2018 Modular

Photographer of the Year
Bára Prášilová / photos for St. Elsewhere AW19/20 (Preciosa Components), photos for Biggest wish spectacle (Burki&com), photos for How to become Czech in one hour (Royal Theatre)
BoysPlayNice / photos for 2018 - Sportovní hala Dolní Břežany, Herní krajina Pecka, Mlynica, Katakomby Kotelna Libčice
Michaela Karásek Čejková / collages for cookbook 4x7 (Kristina Netíková, Bistro No. 19), collection for Never Sol: Chamaleo album, collages from series The Wealth of Czech Cuisine (Soffa), photos of Homa collection (Janja Prokić)
Daniela a Linda Dostálkovy / book Hysteric Glamour (InOtherWords), editorials Cirkulace a Lipstick Shape Personality (Vogue CS)
Hana Knížová / fphotos Nadotek (Proč ne?!), Pigmentarium Perfume a Kids (pro Stella McCartney) campaigns and photos Líbeznice school for Projektil33
Ladislav Kyllar / photos The New Netflix Season (in collaboration with: Zoltán Tóth, Laformela a Pavel Brejcha), editorial Certosa Station (Vogue CS)
Bet Orten / photos for Magazín Nadotek (Debra)
Michal Pudelka / editorial Československá filmová epopej (Vogue CS), photos for Czech National Theatre campaign 2018-19
Dušan Tománek / Ton 2018-19 catralogue, works for Egoé (catalogue 2018, Move 2018, magazine 519)