Preciosa Names Emerald Exclusive Fine Jewelry Stones Ingredient Branding Partner for India

 Emerald and Preciosa Components have entered into an exclusive IBP partnership. For discerning jewelry lovers, the partnership will bring a guarantee of the highest possible quality of jewelry making using the mastery of Indian jewelers and unrivaled jewelry stones from Europe.    

"Partnering with Emerald is a natural fit for us. Emerald is a global household name in the world of jewelry and guarantees the best possible manufacturing and also quality of gold, silver or platinum itself. Preciosa offers the highest quality man-made fine jewelry stones on the market, so we couldn't wish for a better partner in India," says Jan Štiller, Preciosa´s Sales & Marketing Director.

Emerald is the first and exclusive ingredient branding partner of Preciosa fine jewelry stones in India. "Emerald, over the course of 4 decades, has steadily built a reputation for itself in the industry by prioritizing quality, innovation, and building trust among our customers. Our  designers are constantly pushing the boundaries of traditional jewelry design to create new and unique pieces. Emerald's commitment to excellence is reflected in every piece of jewelry we create, from the use of the finest materials to the exceptional craftsmanship that goes into each design. Partnering with a reputed brand like Precosia steers us towards a brighter tomorrow by incorporating their world class stones in our Jewelry, " Adds Dhiaan Srinivasan, Director, Emerald.

The partnership between Preciosa and Emerald brings together the worlds of the European mastery of Preciosa's cutters with the admirable skill of India's jewelers. The two companies, whose headquarters are separated by many thousands of kilometers, have a lot in common. They build on tradition, the quality of materials and workmanship, and respect the principles of consideration of the environment and the people with whom they work.