Bibhu Mohapatra Debuts Preciosa Crystal-Detailed Evening Wear At New York Fashion Week

NEW YORK, NY (08 September 2017) – For the second season, Preciosa Components, teamed up with designer Bibhu Mohapatra for New York Fashion Week.

Friday, September 8, at 6:00pm Mohapatra revealed designs which feature Preciosa crystal detailing. Preciosa contributed alluring crystals to the collection which is centred around “the untold stories of the traveling woman” along with a geisha and bondage theme.

“Working with Preciosa and incorporating their crystal within this collection has been such an amazing experience,” said Bibhu Mohapatra.

Known for his dramatic evening wear and romantic aesthetic, Mohapatra’s collection includes dramatic drapery, bound waists and necklines that challenge the stereotypical ideas of womenswear. The accompaniment of Preciosa crystals further develop the traditional Japanese prints of this collection.

“After seeing the mood of Bibhu Mohapatra's collection, we knew it was going to be breath-taking, and were deeply impressed by his dedication to exquisitely showcasing our Bohemian crystals on the catwalk,” said Karel Páral Commercial Development Director, Preciosa Components. “His artistic designs inspired by the traditional dress of Japanese shibaris and samurais was truly a kaleidoscopic masterpiece.”

Bibhu Mohapatra’s evening wear has been worn by some of today’s most notable and respected celebrities including former first lady, Michelle Obama.