Preciosa Introduces A New Fine Jewelry
Industry Benchmark

The Preciosa team today at a private veiwing in Guangzhou, China unveiled our re-imagined Round Brilliant cut, which achieves the most ideal ratio of brilliance, scintillation and fire ever exemplified by round-cut cubic zirconia.

Named after the first letter in the Greek alphabet, the Alpha cut pays tribute to those ancient Greek mathematicians credited with the invention of geometry, upon whose intellect and pioneering spirit the gem-cutting industry so heavily relies.

Meticulously developed in-house with the latest diamond-cutting software to enhance cubic zirconia’s natural optical properties and aesthetic characteristics, the Alpha cut likewise extends to much of our fine jewelry stones portfolio, including nanogems, and includes a microscopic laser engraved Preciosa logo as proof of origin and authenticity.

“Each of our ‘Alpha stones’ is simultaneously a testament to Preciosa’s drive for innovation and ability to call upon our Bohemian glassmaking heritage,” said Jan Štiller, commercial development director of Preciosa Components. “This new Alpha cut is the culmination of hundreds of years of experience and the most modern of technologies developed right here in our own facilities.”