St. Elsewhere Collection Launched in Shanghai

One month on from the global launch of the St. Elsewhere campaign, it has started making waves in the Far East.

The AW 2019/20 collection was premiered in China at the Autumn edition of Intertextile Shanghai Apparel Fabrics fashion fair, which ran from 27th – 29th September 2018.

St. Elsewhere is a truly unique collection. Other than offering the world’s smallest Chaton Rose and the stunning new 18-faceted Royal Chaton, it also comes complete with its very own virtual reality experience, that visitors to the booth at Intertextile Shanghai were able to try at their leisure.

The campaign theme centers on a top-secret crystal-testing facility, set in a bleak, isolated, unspecified location. Our host takes the form of a mysterious, unnamed female character, wearing a number of specially designed inspiring outfits that elegantly show off the crystals from our new collection.

Other items of particular interest include a handful of exclusive new colors, notably Dark Indigo, Crystal Peacock Green, and Radiance – a highly saturated new coating suitable for lost-wax casting.

All of this and much more was displayed artfully and intricately at the Intertextile Shanghai booth. The VR experience was extremely popular, and unsurprisingly so; it masterfully fleshes out the campaign theme, instantaneously taking the user to a digital St. Elsewhere where they can get up-close and personal with gigantic 3D digital recreations of the latest novelties, maneuver through swirling clouds of aventurine, manipulate multiple aspects of the environment at the touch of a button… the St. Elsewhere collection and its accompanying VR experience is truly something unique in the crystal world.

It was a pleasure to unveil it to our Chinese colleagues and partners. To view the full collection visit