“Jane Doe” Unicef Doll by Zuzana Kubíčková saves 75 children

Jane Doe, a Preciosa-embellished doll created by fashion designer Zuzana Kubíčková for Unicef’s famous charity event, “Adopt a Doll and Save a Life,” was purchased at auction this week for 45,000 Czech crowns, the proceeds of which equate to vaccinations for 75 children in Africa.

Covered in Preciosa crystals and decorated with Zuzana Kubíčková´s signature delicately embroidered tulle, the “faceless” doll was inspired by the numerous supporters, patrons and sponsors that help support charitable causes silently and without recognition.

Jane Doe, together with other dolls by famous Czech artists, including fashion designer and the patron of the event Liběna Rochová, legendary hockey player and Unicef ambassador Patrik Eliáš, opera singer Štefan Margita, photographers Jan Saudek and Robert Vano, and YouTube personality and vlogger Karel Kovář together raised more than 1 million crowns. All proceeds will go toward Unicef’s immunization projects for the 30 million infants around the world who are not vaccinated.