Jiří Kalfař Awarded by Monaco Fashion Chamber
and Princess Charlene of Monaco

Czech designer awarded for his sustainable and innovative approach to fashion
with Preciosa-embellished showcase looks

Delicate crystal net blouses and one particularly opulently embellished cape stole the spotlight at Jiří Kalfař’s show during Monte Carlo Fashion Week, where the designer was honored with the Innovation Award by the Monaco Fashion Chamber. HSH Princess Charlene of Monaco is a personal patron of this prestigious award.

“The process of launching a fashion brand really shines a light on how greatly the industry affects our environment; since the beginning, I have taken a sustainable approach by upcycling and recycling as much as I possibly can to keep waste at an absolute minimum, which is why this recognition is so important to me,” said Kalfař. “Since the beginning of 2019, I’ve worked much more with embellishment and Preciosa crystals. In addition to their exquisite quality, I find it important that their stones are made in the Czech Republic in a responsible way; that they too are striving to minimize their impact on our nature.”

In Monte Carlo, Kalfař showed a slightly adjusted collection from that of his debut at New York Fashion Week in February 2019. The looks are inspired by Alexander Pushkin’s Eugene Onegin and include a floor-length cape embellished with thousands of crystals and a multi-color customized crystal net top.

The entire collection was created in line with Kalfař’s attitude toward not only sustainability, but also animal exploitation and cruelty. Much of the fabric is responsibly sourced from kapok trees and processed locally in the Czech Republic and the designer is adamant about recycling materials from old pieces in his atelier, previous collections and even movie set costumes.

Kalfař is the first ever Czech designer to receive this award. He is a life-long activist for animal rights and nature protection and initiated the prohibition of fur-farming in the Czech Republic. He recently teamed up with Czech supermodel Veronika Vařeková in support of an initiative by Safari Park Dvůr Králové to protect the endangered Eastern Black Rhinos in Rwanda.