A Sensational Solo for Crystal Net

150,000 crystals on one incredible dress stunned onlookers at Karlovy Vary International Film Festival this weekend. Worn by Czech model Nikol Švantnerová, the robe - created by Czech designer Poner - made a sensational appearance at one of the most prolific VIP parties of the festival. The gown featured 150,000 MC Chaton Rose Maxima crystals in the form of Preciosa’s signature Crystal Net fabric, embroidered with the finest tulle and further embellished with even more Preciosa components. “It took five months to create this exceptional gown, from the initial idea to the color selection and completion of the dress with some final touches. The Crystal Net was sewn together by hand to ensure it fit Miss Svantnerova perfectly,“ explains Jakub Poner. Crystal Net burst onto the fashion scene last September as Preciosa Components unveiled their Nereid collection. Soft, light, flexible and utterly dazzling, Crystal Net became an instant favorite of many

proliofic designers, and has since been taking catwalks around the globe by storm. It is the first innovation of its kind and the concept is simple yet effective: to elegantly cover whatever it touches in authentic Bohemian crystal. The MC Chaton Rose Maxima crystals that were used in the dress reflect an incredible 264 rays of light, making them the most brilliant chaton roses available on the market today. “To give the stones maximum shine, we picked a feminine combination of Light Peach and Gold Quartz in different sizes to accomplish a very feminine look,“ adds Jakub. Crystal Net comes in eight stone sizes (ss 10 – ss 48), and our full range of colors and coatings on flexible or non-flexible string. The designer can pick different colours and edge types of the net string to fit any design. For more information click the link below