3 Shows, 3 Designers and 3 Days at MBPFW

As the catwalk shows of Mercedes-Benz Prague Fashion Week draw to a close, we reflect on the three performances that Preciosa crystals appeared in throughout this fabulous festival of fashion.

First up, Preciosa crystals had the honor of appearing in the opening show of the week, as on Saturday 1st September at 1pm, students of UMPRUM academy once again took their Power of Identity collection onto the runway at the stunning Clam-Gallas Palac in Prague’s Old Town.

Anticipation was high and the atmosphere was charged as the crimson lights lining the corridors of this famous baroque palace suddenly switched to piercing white and the music started to pump. Hundreds of onlookers watched in enthralled silence as the surreal and extravagant looks emerged one by one, moving through multiple chair-lined corridors and rooms of the palace with Preciosa crystals sparkling brilliantly. The collection itself is intended to reflect on the national identity, traditions and cultural history of Czechoslovakia, as this year marks 100 years since its founding.

Two days later, on the evening of Monday 3rd September, Czech designer Zuzana Kubíčková revealed her latest collection at an exclusive invite-only event at Prague’s magnificent Rudolfinum. This was a particularly special event for Preciosa, as it not only coincided with the launch of the brand new St. Elsewhere collection, but featured a handful of the looks which Zuzana cooperated closely with us on. This was the first public display of the crystals from St. Elsewhere, and the occasion couldn’t have been more fitting.

A vast crowd comprised of journalists, celebrities and fashion industry-insiders gathered around the edges of the magnificent ballroom, as the show began with a troop of male dancers from the Czech National Ballet emerging on the main staircase in formation and performing a choreographed routine. Once finished, the models began to appear in all their crystal-covered glory. The looks were stunning, the performance was mesmerizing, the venue was unmatched. A fitting debut for a truly exciting occasion.

Finally, two hours after Zuzana Kubíčková’s show, fashion student Jan Černý displayed his male-only collection in a modern, outdoor performance at Prague’s Letna Park. The runway was built on a 100m stretch of tarmac, dotted with a number of artfully graffitied Mercedes-Benz cars, headlights blaring. As the sun was setting and darkness started to fall, the show began. It was without question one of the most high-octane performances of the week, culminating in around 50 male models wearing only underpants gathering at one end of the tarmac and sprinting the length of it. Černý made extensive use Preciosa´s crystal-filled Plastic Bandings, worn mainly around the model’s ankles.

Mercedes-Benz Prague Fashion Week will continue until Friday 7th September with cocktail parties, designer markets, fashion documentaries and much more. See the full schedule at www.mbpfw.com

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