Miro Sabo Inspired by Iconic Painters

The iconic portraits of noble ladies and gentlemen by painters Sandro Botticelli, Titian and Bronzino, had a major influence on Miro Sabo’s latest collection for autumn/winter 2018.

Miro combines these influences with the fundamentals of his brand. “I built my brand on craft, tradition and history. It has always been important for me to create items that are wearable too,” says Miro Sabo, who was voted Designer of the Year 2016 at Czech Grand Design.

Miro also likes to experiment with the nature of beauty and ugliness that is prominent in baroque and renaissance art. One can see faces formed from lace that stare from the clothing, reminding us that everything in life is ephemerous. Another lace pattern - Lily of the Valley – resembles dresses for newborn babies. The cycle of the beginning and the end, birth and death is present in every piece from his latest work, making a striking parallel to the six month lifespan of any collection.

The characters of Botticelli´s Primavera had a strong influence on a number of pieces, in which Miro pays tribute to the renaissance and mannerism styles as seen from today´s perspective. Puffed sleeves form an integral part of many paintings from those periods; also patchwork dresses made from rectangular pieces of fabric are decorated with vintage hand-made lace or crystal pearls, explaining in their own way that every epoch has its own unique contrasting splendor and misery.

Traditional banyans were another important inspiration for this collection. Sabo took a Persian-inspired men’s bathrobe - typical of the 18th century - and recreated it for a lady’s garderobe. We can also see subtle nods to the banyan in various coats with stylized sleeves, which are decorated with crystal spirals and rotating stars.

And of course, key to the collection are Sabo´s signature oversize dress-like shirts, decorated with delicate lace and authentically crafted Bohemian crystal from Preciosa. These pieces are made mostly from light, soft cotton shirtings which contrast poignantly with the collection’s heavy wool coats. As usual, Miro was not afraid to embellish the already ornate, and in this name, the ornamentally printed fabric is embellished with over 32,000 hotfix transfer Chaton Roses Maxima crystals.

“This new collection brings our working relationship to a whole new level. I was keen to try new crystal components and experiment with new ways of using them in my creations,” says Sabo, who started working with Preciosa last year.

Despite the collection making elegant use of Preciosa’s Brass Buttons and Crystal Pearls, it is undoubtedly the hotfix Chaton Roses that play the starring role. Sabo created delicate transfers for various pieces, inspired by Fibonacci´s sequence in the shape of spirals, making a parallel to the infinity and perfection of the natural world. It is the very first time that Sabo has worked with hotfix components on such a scale; he selected Preciosa’s Chaton Rose Maxima crystals as they are the most brilliant stones of their type on the global market.

The collection was unveiled at Designblok on October 26, 2018. It is now available at Miro Sabo's studio, and will appear later this autumn at Prague's Stolen pop-up store.