Miro Sabo debuts with costumes for the Czech National Ballet

Thirteen choreographers, thirteen different ballet visions. The National theatre introduces its Dance Laboratory, in which young talent of the dance world will introduce their own creations. This year‘s edition bares something rather special from the fashion world as well for Benjamin Husson´s 3rd Symphony by Schubert. The soloists will wear two exeptional pieces by the famous Czech designer Miro Sabo. Despite having experience with theatre - designing costumes for various opera houses in Europe - it‘s the first time that Sabo, voted Fashion Designer of the Year 2016 by Czech Grand Design, has created costumes for ballet.

“Dance is extremely demanding for clothes. Therefore I had to be very careful with both the materials I used and the shapes I designed. I was especially thrilled to use crystal embellishments by Preciosa in my designs,“ explains Sabo. “Together with Benjamin Husson we followed some of the most classical inspirations and influences in the ballet world; designing for the stage was an amazing experience and I would love to take this further in future. It feels natural to me as I have always loved ballet“.

Besides Gianvito Attimonelli, Marek Svobodník, Zachary Rogers, Alice Petit, Morgane Lanoue, Tereza Kučerová, Matěj Šust and Štěpán Pechar, Benjamin Husson represents the best of the Czech National Ballet. “The Czech National Ballet provides huge potential to young talent. The mixed bill Dance Laboratory is connected to the successful Miniatures project. The best way for the dancers to gain experience with choreography is to fully immerse themselves in this unique form of art, to give rein to their imagination and bring their ideas to life. The Dance Laboratory affords a great opportunity to see a variety of approcahes,” says Filip Barankiewicz, Artistic Director of the Czech National Ballet.

The performance will take place on 13 May from 8 pm at the Estates Theatre.