Klára Nademlýnská: A Night in a Church

Lace, crystal and velvet. Femininity and church. As Prague’s Designblok festival celebrates its 20th anniversary, Klára Naděmlýnská - sweetheart of the Czech fashion industry - celebrates 20 years in the business at the place where it all began. Naturally, she used Preciosa crystals.

“My goal was not to make a compact collection; I wanted every creation to speak for itself. Therefore the entire collection was intentionally chaotic and as varied as possible. Like when you walk down the street and see all the colors, the shapes, the characters,” says Klára Nademlýnská. “I simply put all my favorite motifs together to create one big, colorful mosaic that would express my feelings about fashion and the creative process,” she adds.

To help achieve this effect, Klára chose to work with a combination of various luxury materials and Bohemian crystal from Preciosa. Hotfix transfers and sew-on stones were carefully selected to enhance the overall mood of the collection, which is entitled A Night in a Church. The looks also come accompanied by a capsule of jewelry consisting of rosary-inspired necklaces, pendants and some little chains to customize belts, all made from Preciosa’s hand-made cabochons. Her favorite was the Tea Rose Cabochon from Preciosa´s Atelier Bohemia collection.

During creation, to help complete her vision of modern femininity, she teamed up with two young artists. First, Central Saint Martins college fashion design student Andrea Vytlačilová made exquisite prints displaying roses and Madonna on the altar, while Daniela Ferenčíková of Wnoozow studio hand-weaved delicate pop-art-inspired goblins portraying renaissance women. These creations combine beautifully with washed out denim, faux fur, satin, velvet, lace, wool and cotton in various forms.

And as a finishing touch, she added a selection of Western-style leather belts with big buckles, which contrast strikingly with the delicate silk and other beautifully feminine materials used throughout.

The collection was introduced to the public on 28th October, 2018 as part of Prague´s biggest annual design and fashion fair, Designblok. Coincidentally, it was exactly 20 years ago that Klára Nademlýnská moved back to Prague from Paris and introduced her very first collection at the first ever Designblok.

In other words, both Designblok and Klára Nademlýnská’s fashion brand celebrated two decades of life, and two decades of collaboration. Here’s to two decades more!

See all looks from the new collection below.