Nostalgia for Naples at GCDS

MFW February 2020

Inspired by Naples, the hometown of GSDC creative director Giuliano Calza, the Italian streetwear powerhouse presented its Fall/Winter 2020 collection at Milan Fashion week at the Stazione di Milano Centrale, which was turned into a grand Naples colonnade for the occasion. Many looks were decorated with Preciosa crystals, from simple Chaton Rose transfers to Preciosa Crystal Net and iconic Cupchains, which were delicately applied to unusual materials like mohair, latex, velvet and knitwear as well as on more traditional denim, cotton and leather.

“I wanted do something beautiful — sparkly, a little bit cheeky and playful but at the same time sexy,” the 32-year-old Giuliano Calza said of his vision to filter Naples’ distinct sense of “extra” through a nostalgic Eighties-Nineties Pop-Tart lens.