Disney Villains don Preciosa Crystals at NYFW

What’s the one thing that could make a Disney villain even MORE fabulous? Yes, you’ve guessed it, Preciosa crystals. And on the evening of Friday 7th September at New York Fashion Week, that’s exactly what they got.

The Blonds’ new collection – Disney Villains x The Blonds – was unveiled at Spring Studios on the evening of Friday 7th September in a jaw-dropping show featuring an array of the most terrifying Disney characters we all love to hate.

They were all there: Ursula, Cruella de Vil, Maleficent, The Queen of Hearts, Evil Queen… they took to the catwalk in all their colorful, sparkling, evil glory and put on the kind of show that only a Disney villain (or possibly The Blonds) could manage. Prominent in the designs were Preciosa’s Hotfix Transfers; something The Blonds have used to incredible effect in multiple pieces and shows over the last couple of years.

Undoubtedly one of the most highly anticipated shows of the week, it kicked off in typical Blonds’ fashion with co-founder Phillipe Blond waltzing down the runway dressed as the Queen of Hearts to a chorus of screams from the audience. From there on in, things certainly didn’t get any calmer; the performance climaxed with a special surprise appearance from Paris Hilton, dressed as the one and only Cruella de Vil (who else), outfit complete with a tiny dog accessory (yes, a real one) that she carried onto the runway.

“What drew us to working with Disney Villains are the complex attributes of the characters themselves,” said David Blond. “Often misunderstood, Disney Villains are flawed, imposing and mysterious, and we loved the idea of taking these characteristics and translating them in a glamorous way, making them the heroes of our story.”

The Blonds have made outfits for some of the most iconic names in pop culture, including Britney Spears, Beyonce, J-Lo and Gwen Stefani. For more information on them and their latest collection, visit theblonds.nyc

For more photos of the show, see our gallery below