Preciosa Brings Bohemia to Milan

Fashion professionals from across the industry were given a taste of Preciosa´s homeland last week, as the new Atelier Bohemia collection was put on display at the Lineapelle fashion fair in Milan.


Atelier Bohemia pays tribute to the crafts and history of the Crystal Valley region of the Czech Republic where Preciosa is based.

Unique to the collection are Bohemian folklore dancing shoes embellished with hundreds of crystal navettes and pears, delicate rocaille handbags, and hand-made jewels using Preciosa’s exquisite nanogems.

“This collection is, first and foremost, a personal one,” said Tomáš Lamač, Head of Innovations for Preciosa Components. “We really wanted to showcase what centuries of glassmaking know-how can achieve, which is seen throughout this collection’s range of customizable and heritage products, including our new MAXIMA Hotfix Transfers and Shoe Clips. The possibilities are literally endless.” The elegant display-booth accentuated the Crystal Valley theme with picturesque drawings from acclaimed Czech illustrator Michal Bačák, traditional glassmaking and embroidery tools, exquisite laces from Higher Vocational School of Textile Crafts and Secondary Art School of Textile Crafts Prague, and some cobbler´s artefacts kindly provided by Baťa.

Characterized by softer, neutral tones subtlety garnished with delicate appliqués and unusual closers, the collection fuses nostalgia with functionality and explores an increasingly common collective urge to re-connect with our heritage and appreciate life’s simple, natural pleasures.

Atelier Bohemia also features a custom made jewelry set by internationally acclaimed Czech design studio Zorya, who have developed specialized software able to pixelate patterns, allowing them to exquisitely replicate a vintage Bohemian floral motif with Preciosa zirconia.

“The entire project was based on a fusion of modern technology and basic jewelry-making techniques,” said Daniel Pošta, Designer and Co-founder of Zorya. “Our desire was to experiment with form and to combine technological processes with creative ones not typically used in traditional goldsmithery.” The entire set consists of a brooch, necklace, earrings and a bracelet, and is made with more than six thousand delicate nanogems.

The other part of the collection was done in collaboration with highly successful Czech designer Klára Nademlýnská, who drew inspiration from the north-bohemian lifestyle and folklore. “I have always loved folklore. One of the most important motifs in the new collection is a dove from a church that I transferred into crystal. I think the result is quite amazing,” Klára Nademlýnská says. A number of her romantic looks were completed with headpieces from Danish designer Jannie Baltzer. “I visited Crystal Valley last summer. I was so impressed by the skill and craftsmanship involved in each piece of crystal made there. This trip was a great inspiration for me while working on Atelier Bohemia using lots of textures and different materials. I would call the final result Bohemian folklore with Danish Jannie Baltzer DNA,” she explains.

Every visitor to the booth was invited to custom-decorate their own bracelet with premium Bohemian crystal using traditional techniques and tools; yet another way of paying homage to our heritage and history of craftsmanship.