Preciosa Crystal Innovations AW 2023

Preciosa is thrilled to introduce our crystal innovations for Autumn/Winter 2023, which includes a brand-new, game-changing color for our signature Chaton Roses MAXIMA. As if by magic, Mesmera flickers from purple to green and back again, bewitching the senses with its characteristic metamerism, meaning it appears differently under natural and synthetic light. This sublime shade was developed over several months with the prestigious Czech Academy of Sciences and contains trace amounts of a rare-earth metal called neodymium, which was harvested from recycled electromagnetic waste.

“I am exceptionally proud of the new color we are introducing this season, which up until now has not been commercially viable due to the extremely high cost of the elemental compound needed to produce such a mesmerizing effect in such a tiny crystal, says Jan Štiller, sales and marketing director for Preciosa Components. “It is truly a remarkable innovation and a shining example of the ingenuity and resourcefulness I witness first-hand every day at this company.”

Mesmera is complemented by several additional innovations including a new coating for Rondelle Beads and several exciting range extensions.