Preciosa Joins GQ Portugal for Third Consecutive Year to Award the Best of 2019

GQ Portugal held their annual Men of the Year Awards on Saturday 30th November 2019 in a ceremony that recognizes talent, hard work and creativity in various industries from fashion to science.

The star-studded event took place this year for the first time at Lisbon’s Tivoli Theater in front of a crowd comprising A-list celebrities, journalists and influencers. Special guest Elie Fahed, a Lebanese filmmaker, also presented two shorts, “Life in 2 Minutes” and “The Fear of Fear.”

For the third year running, Preciosa had the pleasure of providing the trophies for GQ’s winners, each hand-made from Bohemian crystal.

2019 Winners

Art: José Guimarães

Literature: Afonso Reis Cabral

Sports: Ângelo Girão

Science: Hugo Messias

Gourmet: Miguel Guedes de Sousa

Music: Dino Santiago

Portuguese Fashion Designer: Alves/Comçalves

Communication: Daniel Oliveira

Male Model of the Year: Rachide Embaló

Female Model of the Year: Maria Miguel

International Male Model: Sean O’pry

International Female Model: Taylor Hill

Dance: Marcelino Sambe

“Revelação”: Pedro Teixeira da Mota

National Hero: José Manual In-Uba

GQ Portugal Preciosa Tropies: Facts & Figures

Trophy weight: 1.56kg

Trophy dimensions: 135 x 280 x 70mm

Number of people it takes to create a single trophy: 13

Length of time it takes to create a single trophy: From start to finish, the entire production process takes about three weeks (15 working days).

Number of individual crystals per trophy: 5,600

Total amount of raw material needed to produce a single trophy: Each trophy includes 2.15kg of semi-finished glass plates and approximately 100g of Jet-colored crystals.

Description of the production process: The letters “G” and “Q” are cut using a water-beam from semi-finished glass plates, which are then sanded and sprayed with black paint. Afterwards, they are fired and ground, the crystals are glued-on by hand, one-by-one. Once this is finished the letters are attached to the pedestal, polished and packed for shipping.