Preciosa Partners with Metráž Atelier to Help Women in Need

Established in 2015, Metráž is a fashion and jewelry-making atelier that employs women who find themselves in precarious domestic situations and are at risk of violence, homelessness or poverty. “The goal of Metráž is to offer support to these women–through creative work—and ultimately to help them improve their situation by teaching them useful skills and offering them a source of income,” explains co-founder Kateřina Jungová.

In an effort to further the atelier’s social impact, Preciosa has donated thousands of sparkling crystal beads which are being used to embellish various handcrafted products that are sold on Metráž’s e-shop. “We create small quantities of high-quality products in collaboration with some of the most established Czech designers. We do most of the work by hand and use sustainable, locally sourced materials,” adds Jungová. “Slow fashion and zero waste are very important to us.”

In only four years Metráž has helped more than 40 women create a better life for themselves and currently employees six who are on the same path toward improvement.