Premiere Vision Paris

The soul of Bohemia was brought to Paris earlier this week, as Preciosa Components displayed their sparkling new Atelier Bohemia collection at Premiere Vision Paris fashion fair 


The new collection of crystal, zirconia and nanogem novelties is a majestic culmination of centuries of Bohemian folklore, fused seamlessly with subtle influences from the nature that is so abundant in the region of Bohemia where Preciosa is based. The looks for Atelier Bohemia were put together by the unmistakable and delicate hands of famous Czech designer Klára Nademlynská, along with headpieces by Jannie Baltzer, jewelery art pieces by Zorya, and intricate lace patterns from Věra Holomečková – arguably one of the most skilled lace-makers in the world, who also worked closely with Precicosa and Manolo Blahnik on a special limited edition of iconic Czech Hangisi Pumps made entirely from lace.

New crystal shapes created specifically for Atelier Bohemia include the Slim Navette MAXIMA, an ultra-narrow and long stone that emulates a cat’s eye, ideal for use as ornate, leafy embellishments and perfect for vibrant Spring/Summer motifs. New nanogem colors include the unique and delicate Lavender Jade, with an almost dreamlike opaqueness, and a soft, feminine hue. New customizable items include our lamp beads, hotfix transfers and shoe clips.