Proof of Origin

To make distinguishing Preciosa from counterfeit products easier, we’ve improved our packaging to include a number of safety and proof of authenticity features. Make sure to look for the security seal, consisting of the following criteria, when purchasing our components in an envelope or cassette, and to use the given QR code available on the envelopes of our new MC Chaton Rose MAXIMA product line to ensure that you are receiving authentic Preciosa crystals.

How to Buy PRECIOSA Crystal Components



The main security feature is the oval shape of the logo, which can be seen from all angles. The image changes from positive to negative based on the viewing angle and light.
The negative version of the logo (i.e. light oval with dark star inside) as seen head-on.
The logo becomes positive and is rotated 90º counter-clockwise (dark oval with light star inside) when viewing (or light) angle changes from head-on.




The logo is in a negative version (i. e. a light oval with a dark star inside) in the direct visual angle and light (head-on impinging contrejour light). 

The logo design becomes positive (a dark oval with a light star inside) by a change of the visual angle or change of the seal illumination by 90 deg. to any side. 

Grid under the Logo

Another security feature is a basic grid under the logo. When viewed head-on, the grid consists of empty squares. When the viewing angle is changed, the squares on the grid are solid and Preciosa logos appear between them (visible under the Preciosa logo which is rotated 90º).

Where to Find the Seal

You can find the security seal on both the envelopes and the cassettes of authentic Preciosa products.

Still Not Sure?

If you are still unsure of the authenticity of the goods in your Preciosa envelope/cassette, or of the security seal, please contact your Preciosa Representative or use our online form. We will verify authenticity of the seal and our products

For product authentication we require you to provide:

The envelope/cassette with the security seal and the products;
The name of the company/individual who sold you these products; and
The place and date of the purchase.

We believe that the hologram security seal will increase your confidence in your purchase of authentic PRECIOSA Crystal Components.

Do you have an older Package?

Do you own a package with an older version of our seals? See older manuals for proving the origin of your Preciosa components: