Devil Beauty, F/FFFFFF, and Shanghai Fashion Week

Shanghai Fashion Week has almost doubled in size in the past five years. While still not on the same level as the ‘big 4’, it is undoubtedly the most prestigious event of its kind in Asia, and as Eastern fashion starts to make a name for itself on the global stage, millennial Chinese designers are hot on the heels of their Western counterparts.

This year, Shanghai Fashion Week took place from 11th – 17th October. Preciosa crystals took to the catwalks through the work of two up-and-coming fashion houses: F/FFFFFF and Devil Beauty.

First up was Devil Beauty, as on October 14th they presented their SS19 collection in Shanghai Xin Tiandi.

The theme of the new collection is Paranoia. This was Devil Beauty’s first time using Preciosa crystals; Hotfix Transfers and Crystal Net were used artistically and imaginatively; owner Bobo Li said the crystals added a ‘bright artistic taste’ to the looks. Adhering to "every sensation of corruption", the looks take influence from conflict between the limitations of traditional materials and futuristic design styles.

Next up was F/FFFFFF. Founded just over one year ago by designer Zac Zeng and with a strong focus on ‘intelligent technology’, the 7 ‘Fs’ in the title stand for Fashion, Family, Future, Friendship, Freedom, Fun and Fresh.

On 15th October, they took their SS19 collection – entitled ‘The Eastern Power’ – to the catwalk. A magnificent artistic representation of a solar eclipse dominates the stage, as the striking looks comprised of glossy, lightweight fabrics appear one-by-one. The collection makes heavy use of prints that subtly reference ancient myths and natural elements. Preciosa’s Hotfix Transfers artfully embellished the name of the brand and various Chinese symbols on various looks.

At both shows there was a heavy international fashion media attendance, as well as a number of Chinese celebrities including Dai Chao, Fang Yilun, Lu Peng, Li Hao, Tu Hua and Su Yingren.

See photos from both shows below.