Ninth Season of StarDance Sparkles More Than Ever

Eliminating one couple every week, StarDance, aka the Czech version of the BBC´s famous Strictly Come Dancing will soon know the king and queen of the ninth season´s dancefloor. This year, Czech Television is providing some exciting twists to thrill the audience, including a vocal group, a new judge, the show’s first ever polka, and of course the grand finale, fully in the hands of the public for the first time. The show has been on air since 13th October, 2018.

Ten pairs began in this year´s race. As with all eight seasons before, some of the most popular Czech celebrities are taking part, including actresses Pavla Tomicová, Daniela Šinkorová and Veronika Arichteva, singer Monika Bagárová, TV news host Daniela Písařovicová, Olympic Champion David Svoboda and singer Adam Mišík.

Together with their professional dance partners, the celebrities will undertake the challenge of performing popular dances such as the cha cha, waltz, samba, the show’s first ever polka, and also a brand new routine called Journey Around the World that will introduce some out-of-the-ordinary influences, including oriental and folklore music and moves.

Only one pair will be crowned champions in the grand finale, where the remaining three couples will battle for the top prize as voted by the viewers. This will be the first time the audience selects all of the finalists; in previous seasons two pairs were chosen by the audience and one by the judges.

The show also celebrates the 100 year-anniversary of Czechoslovakia. “And we plan a third edition of our special charity night”, says Petr Dvořák, director general of Czech Television.

Amongst all the new changes, one thing remains the same. The dresses will be decorated with Bohemian crystals from Preciosa Components. And for the first time, Preciosa has provided the show with their finest MAXIMA quality crystals. “Our bespoke Chaton Roses Maxima - the most common components used on the dance dresses for StarDance - can reflect 264 unique rays of light and are the most brilliant cut stones of their kind on the global market,” closes Jan Štiller, commercial development director at Preciosa Components. It seems that this year‘s Stardance will sparkle more than ever before.