New Collection & Virtual World from Preciosa

World-leading crystal producer Preciosa Components released their brand new AW 2019/20 collection on Monday 3rd September, accompanied by a stunning, high-tech virtual reality experience.

Set in a remotely located, top-secret crystal-testing facility, this latest collection – entitled St. Elsewhere – draws inspiration from the technology that created it and introduces a number of industry firsts.

A clean break from last season’s traditional Czech-themed Atelier Bohemia, St. Elsewhere is decidedly sci-fi, futuristic and mysterious. The full St. Elsewhere VR experience will get its first public outing later this month at Premiere Vision Paris (19th – 21st September), where as usual Preciosa will be present. As soon as the VR goggles go on, the user is transported to eerie, isolated, mountainous moonscape - aka St. Elsewhere - where the subject can view the new collection at their leisure. An unnamed computer-generated host guides the user through the experience, which in total features 6 environments and a number of interactive features to play with.

Next up after Premiere Vision Paris, it will also go on display at Intertextile Shanghai, where again there will be a VR booth available at the Preciosa stand for visitors to use – something we highly recommend they do.

Along with the VR experience, a new interactive microsite has also been created especially for the collection, which can be viewed at The collection itself features a number of standout items, including the world’s smallest Chaton Rose, the new, shinier, 18-facet Royal Chaton MAXIMA, and a stunning, perfectly symmetrical heart shape.

‘This new collection represents everything that Preciosa has come to stand for’, says Jan Stiller, Commercial Development Director of Preciosa Components. ‘It pushes boundaries, makes use of the latest technologies, and most important of all, it literally takes the subject to a world entirely dedicated to crystal production. I don’t think anything could summarize Preciosa better than this, and I think our clients both old and new are going to love it’.