Shanghai Fashion Week

From 11th – 17th October, Shanghai Fashion Week will descend on the Chinese megalopolis. Since its inception in 2001, this bi-annual event has attracted the biggest names in Chinese fashion, and is growing year on year in its international standing. It takes place as part of the month-long Shanghai International Fashion Culture Festival.

Preciosa crystals are set to make two appearances, through the work of designer Bobo Li’s brand Devil Beauty, and Zac Zeng’s recently founded F/FFFFFF.

Devil Beauty strives to encapsulate the modern woman: elegant, perceptual and independent. Popular with European, American and Asian girls, this US based brand proudly takes inspiration from current trends in different corners of the world simultaneously, blending them together to create unique, seasonal looks made from the highest quality imported materials.

Her show will take place at 7:00pm on Sunday 14th October, Hall B, Xintiandi.

F/FFFFFF was founded by Zac Zeng in 2017; his looks are based heavily on romanticism, with ‘pleasant melancholy and sensual wanderings; with an unruly inner and subjective irrational image of men’. He aspires to 'freedom, equality, universal love', pursuing a refined beauty and delicacy.

His show will take place 5:30-6:00pm on Monday 15th October, Hall A, Xintiandi.

Keep your eyes peeled for our crystals!