The Devil Wears Preciosa

The Blonds tap Preciosa for seventh consecutive crystal-covered season


The design duo - who stars like J Lo, Cardi B, Lady Gaga and Beyoncé turn to when it’s time to shine bright - is Phillipe and David Blond. The resource the Blonds turn to in order to deliver that unforgettable shine is Preciosa, whose expertise and glassmaking tradition date back to the sixteenth century. Inspired by the eternal human conflict of good and evil, The Blonds’ FW18 collection made its powerful debut on Tuesday 13th February at New York Fashion Week, captivating onlookers with pieces featuring Preciosa’s stunning new Crystal Net, as well as thousands of authentically crafted Bohemian crystals.

"The primeval conflict of good versus evil as a driving force in art, literature and film is the inspiration for this collection. Renaissance-era frescoes, allegorical poems such as John Milton’s “Paradise Lost” and Dante’s “The Divine Comedy,” as well as Kenneth Anger’s 1972 film, Lucifer Rising, all served as distinct forms of inspiration,” said David Blond.

David Blond continues, “We love working with Preciosa because it adds so much sparkle to our collection. This season, we especially worked with various sizes of Siam, Volcano and their divine new coatings, Lava and Red Flame, which were carefully chosen to represent the element of fire from its ignition to its hottest point.”

Rapper Lil Kim was in attendance, and a show-stopping performance was given by style icon Daphne Guinness, who made a surprise appearance on the runway in a glittering black, long-sleeved jumpsuit and enormous platform boots.

Commenting on the 4-year partnership, Preciosa’s Head of Design, Tereza Šikulová added, “We never cease to be inspired by the depth of creative genius The Blonds deliver through their use of crystals on the runway, particularly this season with our new Crystal Net, which add a whole new layer of sparkle to their designs.”

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