Preciosa UNICEF Doll Helps Vaccinate 2,053 Children

Maxima was the most beautiful doll in Crystal Valley. She lived in the forrest, and often wondered far and wide. She was loved dearly by all the birds and animals. One day, while venturing through the woods, she met a crystal faerie called Nisa. They quickly became good friends, and when the time came, Nisa asked Maxima to sing at her birthday party. For the occasion, she made her a very special dress to wear; it was made from Bohemian crystal, rainbow trout scales, and feathers from the birds in Crystal Valley. Most important of all, she added a secret magical ingredient to make the crystals shine brighter than the moon, and everyone agreed that the dress was the most beautiful in all of Bohemia.

On Tuesday 27th November, UNICEF held their annual Adopt a Doll and Save a Life charity event in Prague. Preciosa´s doll Maxima was auctioned for over €4,000 (100,000 czk), making her among the most valuable at the sixteenth edition of the event. Maxima was created by Preciosa’s Design Lab on behalf of the Preciosa Foundation; she was dressed in our unique Crystal Net and a bronze-coloured hoodie.

There were 23 dolls entered in total, mostly created by Czech celebrities, including the event´s patron, fashion designer Liběna Rochová, world-famous architect Eva Jiříčná, opera singer and actress Soňa Červená, and photographer Jan Saudek. Together, they raised almost €50,000 Eur (1,232,000 czk).

All money raised will go towards UNICEF immunization projects for the 30 million infants around the world growing up without basic vaccines. The €50,000 raised at this event is enough to vaccinate 2,053 children. Over the last fifteen years this project has raised more than €1 million for UNICEF’s immu¬nization programs, meaning that despite its humble beginnings, the Adopt a Doll auction has become a signature UNICEF event in the Czech Republic.

We’re very proud of Maxima; she was bought by Czech company Fox Hunter for more than €4,000, making her the second most expensive doll at the auction, surpassed only be Liběna Rochová´s doll Oluš.

Once again, it was a pleasure for Preciosa to be involved in this hugely important and noble cause. For more information on UNICEF visit