Young Czech Designers Invited to Japan

More than twenty original creations comprise a collection entitled The Power of Identity: Memory Fashion Message by students of Prague´s prestigious UMPRUM academy. The project - mentored by profersor Liběna Rochová - features national pride and identity as its main theme. Fashion experts from the world famous Bunka Fashion Graduate University (BFGU) in Tokyo were so impressed by the project that they invited the Czech student designers to present their collection at the BFGU Fashion Week on January 30th.


ʼBunka Fashion Graduate University in Tokyo is a highly regarded institution, that has produced some very infulential avant-garde designers like Yohji Yamamoto, Issey Miyake and Junya Watanabe. The invitation itself is an enormous honour for us,ʼ says profesor Liběna Rochová. The collection they are bringing to Japan consists of more than twenty outfits embellished with premium Bohemian Preciosa crystals. 

ʼWe were happy to offer the students our entire range of crystals. Supporting young talent makes us very proud,ʼ says Jan Štiller, commercial development director at Preciosa Components. ʼThis project in particular pays homage to our homeland, so it represents the same values that are extremely important to us.ʼ

The students worked with Preciosa´s chaton roses and nacre pearls, along with chandelier trimmings as used by Manolo Blahnik on his signature Shoes for Prague.

BFGU Fashion Week in Tokyo is a big event for both professionals and the general public alike, and is a respected platform for fashion professionals and insiders. Leading industry brands looking for future designers will be present. The showcasing of the UMPRUM students' collections is an exceptional opportunity for the up-and-coming designers, as well as for Czech fashion at large.

The Power of Identity: Memory Fashion Message collection builds on previous atelier activities, in particular a project called Japan - a quiet force that students successfully presented at the Tokyo mall last year. On the 100th anniversary of Czechoslovakia’s independence, Professor Rochová decided to focus student’s work for the academic year 2017/18 on traditions and national cultural history. While creating the collections, students drew inspiration exclusively from Czech culture, with the aim of creating pieces artistically and technologically competitive in both local and international markets. Complete clothing collections - including footwear and accessories - were created in cooperation with important Czech brands such as Baťa and Preciosa. Students also had the opportunity to cooperate with large industrial companies throughout the production phase, including the prestigious Italian shoe factory Kallisté in Venezia.